BYU Basketball

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

NIT Final Four at Madison Square Garden
TJ and I got to relive our not-too-long-ago college memories by attending a BYU basketball game at Madison Square Garden in New York City a couple weeks ago. My parents and Marissa came in on the train, and TJ escaped from work for a little break to join us at the game.

Game time!
The Girls, where did that gust of wind come from?!
My cute parents
I also have to admit being around other BYU fans at the game made me miss that crowd a little bit! It turns out there is indeed a stark difference between New Yorkers and the BYU crowd. I had people look at me and smile, hold open the door, and even start talking out of the blue like we were previous acquaintances. Couldn't help but smile. That...and I was hanging with my family.

TJ made it! He had to head back to work after the game...but I'll take him when I can get him.


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