Things I Have Totally Loved Lately

Saturday, November 05, 2011 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments

1. I have finally discovered and made an account on Pinterest. Where has this been all my life?!? I am SO IN LOVE with Pinterest and may spend more time on that than any other website. My poor little iPhone gets run to the end of its battery life each night as I lay in bed on my Pinterest app. It is amazing and although I am still figuring it all out, I am totally in love.

2. Costa Vida and RedBox movie date nights with my hubby. Okay well I must admit this isn't something that I just totally love lately, it's kinda a regular date night plan for us. Call us boring, but there is just nothing like ending a long week on a Friday night at Costa Vida where we know we are going to love the food and cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie.

3. Third, is that I am still in the phase where I am pretending to be crafty. I am slowly starting a craft supply collection by buying stickers and paper on sale, or a cute box to organize the cards I soon will make (adorable find at TJMaxx). Now I have yet to really dive in but everyone has to start somewhere right?! This also connects back to my Pinterest love because I am collecting photos of card ideas like crazy so that I can try to make cute cards. Our table is being taken over by my crafts, but I just leave it out to remind me that I just have to start making something and hope for the best from there. I do have a ton of cute Christmas things I have gotten recently so hopefully I can make some pretty sweet cards soon. :)

4. Fall is suddenly something I love. Who knew? For whatever reason this year I have been all about fall colors, fall decorations (even though all I have is a cute wreath on my door), and fall weather has even been fine this time around.

5. Talking on the phone with a good friend. There is nothing like having a fun, great conversation with an awesome friend. There is just something about my friend Tasha that makes me happy just to talk to her. Of course it had been way too long since we last talked, so when we had time to catch up a little this week it was great. Yes, it made me miss her more and wish we lived closer, but it was great to talk to her!

6. Whoa this list is getting long, now that I've started...but lastly I love getting my hair done. I'm lucky to have a hubby who WANTS me to go spoil myself every now and then, like going to get my hair done. I was way overdue for a cut and color so I made an appointment this week and had fun feeling a little pampered.


  1. A pinterest app?!? You should not have told me about that!!! Oh dear.... I am in love with all of the things on this list too! I just need to reschedule my #6. I was in the hospital during my appointment. Haha.

  2. You have been so crafty lately! That is awesome. I have been hearing about this pinterest...maybe I will look into it.
    Also, I loved our chat the other night too. It put me in the best mood. Exactly what I needed. So let's make sure we don't go too long again!


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