St. George Weekend Getaway

Friday, August 13, 2010 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Mid-June TJ's mission president had his homecoming in St. George, so we were able to drive south a few hours to stay the weekend with the Esplin's and see President Wade and Hermana Wade. I have heard so much about the Wade's that I was really excited to meet them. I could tell President Wade was so happy to see TJ there, and TJ was excited to see the Wade's and his other mission buddies that were able to make it as well. It was the perfect weekend getaway for a summer weekend!

I asked TJ to go get some drinks to fill the cooler for the drive and this is the huge drink he decided to get me. :)
Stopped by the St. George temple for a few photos.

It was so hot! We felt like we were back in Arizona, but we love the heat.

The mission buddies that came with their wives, girlfriends, etc.

With President Wade. We love this man!


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