Party Weekend with Tasha!

Sunday, April 04, 2010 TJ & Vanessa 3 Comments

This weekend we had a blast hanging out with Tasha. We are so sad that she only has 3 more weeks in Provo before she moves away. Friday night we made a delicious chicken/stuffing/broccoli casserole meal together that was so delicious! Then we went out to play two games of bowling. It had been forever since all of us have been bowling, but it was fun. Tasha even beat TJ's score in our last game, which was funny. We later made smoothies and watched Michael Jackson's This Is It movie....which was interesting but not interesting enough because it put most of us to sleep. Saturday we went to watch Char perform in BYU's Hip Hop Showcase performance which was also way fun. We ended our weekend adventure with McDonald's sundaes and a trip to WalMart.

TJ before bowling. He was pretty sure he was going to beat us by a ton...but we kept up with him pretty well!

We are so cute :)

Group Photos

And of course, the delicious smoothie TJ made us. I told him he should get a job at Jamba Juice, but he thinks his talents with the blender at home are even better!


  1. looks like such a fun time! you guys are smoothie crazy! do you make up your own concoctions or have a smoothie recipe book?

    AND, is that you place in the last photo? It is soo nice!! you have paint on the walls and leather furniture, according to me, you have made it. congratulations!! haha

  2. Yay! I love hanging out with you guys! I am going to miss you guys so much. Thanks for a fun weekend!

  3. Yea we love smoothies. We usually just add whatever we want or have of sherbet, frozen fruit, fresh fruit, juice and it usually comes out delicious in the end. And yeah, that's our place in the last picture. We like it!


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